Smoking can be defined as a habit or practice where a substance, for instance, marijuana or tobacco, is burned leading to the production of smoke when the dried leaves combust, which is then inhaled for the purpose of tasting it leading to its absorption into the individual’s bloodstream. Smoking is seen to have adverse effects on the smoker’s health in various ways. The effects of smoking include:

Cardiovascular Diseasefascfsgcfdsg

Since the smoke is absorbed into the smoker’s bloodstream, it consequently affects the circulatory system in a negative way. Smoking is a proven coronary disease cause meaning it affects the heart. Smokers are therefore exposed to suffering from strokes. Coronary disease is known to kill.


Smoking, mostly of tobacco, has been associated with the development of lung cancer. Lung cancer has led to the deaths of many individuals. Smokers run a higher risk of getting lung cancer than non-smokers. Other cancers that result from smoking include cancers of the throat, the mouth, the bladder, the stomach, the cervix and the pancreas. Some forms of leukemia are also attributed to smoking.

Respiratory Disease

Respiratory disease, which includes chronic bronchitis, is a huge obstruction to the respiratory system. It is most familiar with the individuals who take part in smoking. Smoking of cigarettes may influence the overproduction of the protective mucus that is made in the airways. The excessive production of the mucus in the airways makes an individual cough chronically so as to allow them to breathe when the airways are cleared. There is blockage of airways by the mucus. The smoker is prone to getting pneumonia and other respiratory infections.
Another respiratory disease associated with smoking is emphysema. Emphysema deters the individual’s ability to inhale because the air sacs that facilitate the diffusion of oxygen into the bloodstream are destroyed.

Damage To The Skin

sgcsdgfSmoking of cigarettes and other substances makes the skin deteriorate and lose its glow. The smoke makes the skin age prematurely. This leads to the formation of wrinkles on the face making the individual look older than they are. This effect is common in most smokers and it is not a good look. Smoking also deters the natural ability of the skin to heal. Skin cancer is also linked to the practice of smoking.

Periodontal Disease

Smoking has led to the onset of periodontal disease which affects the mouth. Cigarette smoke constitutes toxins, which are responsible for the damage of gums and tooth decay.

Effects Of Smoking On An Individual’s Health
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