Have you got white streaks on your toenails or some yellowish or cloudy stuff on them? Has your our nails’ shape become distorted, and the nails have thickened, or become so brittle that they could easily break? Most likely you have an infection known as toenail fungus. The infection affects toe and finger nails when fungi grow on or under them due to moisture and warmth. The infection can be treated by use of prescription drugs or by home treatments like using essential oils for toenail fungus that are applied to the affected areas to cure the infection. It would be better to prevent the infection than to cure it. The following are some tips on preventing toenails fungus.

How to prevent toenail fungus

Observing personal hygiene on footwear

dfdsfsfsdfYou should put on a clean or fresh pair of socks every day. The shoes that you wear should also be clean and well dried and aerated. It is advisable to avoid wearing the same shoes day in day out but to have several pairs that you wear interchangeably. Also, clean your hands with water and soap after touching nails that may be infected to avoid transferring the same to uninfected ones.

Avoid walking barefooted

You should put on slippers or some other open shoes while walking in public places like in the gym, public bathrooms, and other places. Walking on barefoot will lead to picking of infection causing fungi if there are infected persons who had walked on those surfaces earlier.

Nail care and sharing of tools and items

It would be prudent for you to trim your nails short to avoid bending them upwards accidentally causing some injury. The fungi may tend to grow under the injured nail resulting to toenail fungus. At the nail salon avoid sharing tools for working on the nails as they can transfer fungi from infected person to you uninfected nails. Also, do not share nail clippers and files to prevent any spread of infection. Towels, shoes, and sock should also not be shared as they can transfer fungi too.

Observing feet dryness

You should ensure your feet and toenails are dry to avoid fungi growing and multiplying on them as they do so in warm and moist places. You could use powder to keep your toes and feet dry. Also, always wear absorbent socks, especially those made of natural fabrics like cotton. Whenever you can, remove the socks from your feet as they are usually warm and moist, which is a good multiplying ground for fungi.

Proper diet

fhggfhfghgfhgfIf fungal infections attack you now and then, you could be having a weak immune system. You need to be taking a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins help to keep infections- causing organisms away. Minerals like calcium make the nails strong and healthy thus have no cracks through which fungi can get in and start growing.

Sterilizing items

The items you use to trim and style your nails need to be sterilized before using them and after using them. The items can be wiped with disinfectants or sterilization can be done in other ways.The item should also be stored in clean places to avoid contamination with the fungi.

The Best way To Prevent Toenail Fungus