Nasal congestion, blocked nose, runny nose, these are just a few health challenges many people are familiar with. In some cases, these issues can be so annoying that they can severely deteriorate the quality of your life. Topical products, oral medications and nasal sprays are known to be capable of clearing your nose and providing temporary relief. However, some of them are known to have plenty of side-effects, to be addictive, and last, but not least, expensive.

These days you can find a plethora of medications for cleaning stuffy or runny noses, but, in many cases, they are not the best options. Most of these do not always work as advertised, and those topical products that may produce some positive results, usually exude an overwhelming odor. So, now you are probably wondering how to deal with a stuffy nose in the most natural way? Well, read here or continue reading this article.

A breathing exercise

33mngkdjOne of the best methods is a special breathing technique. The technique we are going to talk about has been used by thousands of patients, who have reported great results. This particular technique involves stopping the mouth breathing and improving the contend of body oxygen. With this breathing exercise, patients can deal with their nose issues in a matter of minutes.

The basics of the exercise

The basic elements of this exercise involve nodding your head up and down and holding your breath. You can do this while either standing or sitting until you feel the urge to take a breath. After the maximum breath hold, make sure to reduce your breathing with constant head nodding. To do this, make sure to make a short inhale via your diaphragm and exhale by relaxing it. Try to hold your breath for at least a minute and make sure to make these small inhalations during this period.

Even though this might seem overly simple and somewhat silly, it is proven to be effective. Some people might require repeating the exercise, 3 or 4 times. However, the majority of people usually get the best results from the very first attempt.

How does it work?

Now, you probably wonder just how exactly this works? Well, by reducing your breaths and then holding your breath for at least a minute, you will boost the levels of carbon dioxide in your blood. This subsequently helps to dilate the blood vessels and the smooth tubular muscles of the airways, thus improving the oxygen and blood supply to the tissues, as well as keeping the airways free of any spasms.

What next?

22ndijOnce you have finished with the exercise and cleared your nose, make sure to keep breathing through your it, instead of breathing through your mouth. Bear in mind that the moment you open your mouth, there will be several biochemical processes occurring that may alter your body functions. These can lead to the reduction of CO2 in the blood and arterial cells, as well as the decrease in the supply of oxygen and blood to your body cells. All of these can suppress your immune system and cause more free radicals to generate, which can cause, among other things, a stuffy nose.

So, to ensure maximum effectiveness of this exercise, make sure to continue breathing through your nose, and not your mouth.

One minute exercise for dealing with a stuffy nose
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